Review: Chris Parker Demo – Sunday 20th March 2022

Chris Parker demonstrated a range of wood texturing and colouring techniques.

“I don’t need this hairdrier anymore.”

The demonstration was a bit different to our usual ones, as it focussed on texturing and colouring techniques rather than on producing a finished item.


Here’s one I made earlier.
Rust effect. I think Chris nailed it.
  • Marbling effects using Montana marble spray paints. And, no, the spray doesn’t paint black and white: you need an undercoat of black.
Marbling effect using Montana marble spray paints.
  • Finishing with air sprayed Chestnut wood stains and Chestnut Rainbow waxes.
  • Texturing using the Sorby texturing and spiralling tools. The Club Library has these tools available for members to try. Chris made so many examples, I forgot to photograph them!
  • Chris even showed off his fancy EasyTools carbide hollowing tools! We had to mop the floor afterwards from all the drooling.
Honest, it came bent.
  • Chris also introduced us to the Manpa mini carving bit which I don’t think any of us had seen before.
  • See the April 2022 Newsletter for more pictures and details.
Review: Chris Parker Demo – Sunday 20th March 2022
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