Data Protection

Mid-Wales Woodturner’s Club (referred to as the Club) retains the minimum amount of data required to identify its members and to contact them with newsletters, general club information, and membership renewal information. A requirement of the Club is that all members must also be members of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB). When applying for membership of the Club you will be given an application form for AWGB membership. All data supplied to AWGB is subject to the data protection policy of the AWGB and members should refer to the AWGB for details. The Club is not responsible for data supplied by members to the AWGB. Apart from the AWGB application form, the Club does not share members information with any organisation.

The information stored by the Club is as follows:

  • The Treasurer retains: full names; postal addresses; phone numbers; email addresses; details of membership subscription payments but no credit card or bank details.
  • The Secretary retains: email addresses; postal addresses of members that have elected to have newsletters and other information sent by post.
  • The Librarian has a record of all items (books, dvds, tools) borrowed by members using a traditional library card system. The contact details you provide to the Club may be used in order to inform you of overdue items and, if necessary, to obtain their return.

If you contact any member of the Club Committee using any of the contact email addresses provided on the Club website or elsewhere, then you do so on the understanding that:

  • The email address you use to contact the Club may be used by the Committee member, or shared with another Club member, in order to respond to your contact message.
  • The initial message and any subsequent message thread including the email address may be kept for the purpose of recording the interaction.