YouTube and Streaming


Watching YouTube videos is not a substitute for personal tuition from a competent tutor.

There are many YouTube woodturning channels featuring turners from all over the world. Beware that the turners may not demonstrate good technique and adherence to good health and safety practises (even if they live in the UK or US!).

Mid-Wales Woodturning Club and its members do not take responsibility for the content of any of the videos in any channel mentioned on this website; even if it is indicated that we think the videos are generally good! You are responsible for your own health and safety.

Channels with Instructional Videos

There are literally hundreds of YouTube woodturning channels. Many of the channels post videos that are inspirational or informative. However, most videos do not aim to teach technique. Some channels have been around for a long time and it can be difficult to find videos showing specific techniques among hundreds of videos. Some channels do have specific playlists which can help. In recommending the following channels we have deliberately chosen a small number of channels where there are videos that demonstrate technique and explain how woodturning tools work: please note the warnings given above.

Jim Rodgers: Jim is a turning instructor. His channel comprises several series of turning tutorials to accompany his books. His videos are well planned and presented and are probably the best instructional videos on YouTube.

Craft Supplies USA: A US shop sponsored channel with a number of instructional and project videos. In particular, the two playlists Woodturning 101, Woodturning 201.

Turn a Wood Bowl: Kent Weakley’s channel is aimed mainly at bowl turning. His preparation and presentation are amongst the best on YouTube. He also has several highly regarded paid-for online courses available on his website.

Richard Raffan: Richard is a (“retired”) British turner living in Australia. He is regarded as one of the finest turners of his generation. He is the author of several books on turning (check them out in the club library). He is relatively new to YouTube but his has many excellent videos. In particular he has a number of exceptional videos on preparing wood and blanks for turning, and on traditional tool technique.

Brian Havens: Sadly, Brian is no longer with us. But he has left us with an excellent set of videos including instructional videos on the individual tools in a turners arsenal. His presentation is concise and well prepared. He has a Fundamentals playlist.

Axminster Tools: Axminster is a UK retailer and manufacturer. The YouTube channel developed during the Covid lockdown with woodturning videos by Colwin Way. Later, the videos were branded “Woodworking Wisdom” featuring general woodworking videos including woodturning (and now also featuring turner Jason Breach). There are many project and instructional videos, all well organised and presented. Of course, they promote Axminster tools!

Worth the Effort: Shawn has a general woodworking channel, but he does a lot of turning. Look out for his Woodturning playlist which contains many instructional videos.

Channels with Live Streams

The following channels have regular or occasional live streams that you can join and ask questions.

Axminster tools: Axminster is a UK retailer and manufacturer. Their woodworking YouTube channel has recorded videos, live streams (the live streams become videos that you can watch later) and advertisements of their products. The Woodworking Wisdom videos programme schedule is published on the Axminster website.

Cindy Drozda: Cindy is well known for her turned boxes with finials. Check out her DVDs in the club library. She has regular live Q&A streams usually with a simple demo. She uses the channel to promote her upcoming paid-for online demos. You can also subscribe for emails on Cindy’s website.

Record Power. Record Power is a British manufacturer. Their YouTube channel is used mainly to promote their products, although there are some good instructional videos by British turner Andrew Hall and a few other demo videos. However, Record Power have regular free Zoom demonstrations. To access these Zoom meetings you need to sign up at and download an Android, Apple or windows app from the Zoom website.

Meet the Woodturner: This is a live Zoom meeting, every other Sunday evening, organised by turner Pat Carroll; free, but donations are welcome. These are not demos but interviews with turners from all over the world, a classy bit of “show and tell”. You can ask the turner questions. Also, Pat Carroll does a paid-for live demo Zoom meeting in the alternate weeks. See Pat’s website for details.

Channels with Regular Releases of Videos

Stewart Furini: Stewart is a school teacher by day. He does club demos and writes articles for the Woodturning magazine. He is well known for colouring and texturing. His approach is very much “have a go”; things don’t always go to plan, but that’s his style.

Mike Peace: Mike’s channel has hundreds of videos, both instructional and project. The videos don’t always seem fluent, but they are generally entertaining and informative.

Wyoming Woodturner (Sam Angelo): Sam now lives in Montana but his channel name remains unchanged. The channel has hundreds of videos, both instructional and project. Sam does his best to explain things. Many of the products used are only available in the US.

Carl Jacobson: Carl has many excellent project videos and he has nice design ideas. He is well prepared and explains well. He does occasional live videos which are worth attending. He uses some of the most expensive tools on the market, often carbide tools, but you can do the same job with more modest tools.

Wood Turning With Tim Yoder: Tim has a bit of a sense of humour and his videos are entertaining. His channel has been around for ages and there many useful videos.

As Wood Turns: A  long standing channel with many videos. The videos are well prepared and presented, but the “read out” text style can be monotonous.

Other YouTube channels

Mike Waldt: Mike is a British amateur woodturner. He used to have regular live YouTube videos which were very popular. Many of the videos are quite long as they were originally live streams with lots of chat. There are a number of useful product demos. Few recent videos though. Note that Mike says: he shows you the way he does things.

Tiny Turner: Emma Cook is a British woodturner known for her “gonks” amongst other things. Emma used to do regular live YouTube events, but these have now stopped, and there are no recent videos. Many of the videos are quite long as they were originally live streams with lots of chat.

Martin Saban-Smith: A British woodturner and owner of the Hampshire Sheen range of products. There are many videos on colouring and texturing. Not many recent videos.

Ed Oliver: Ed is the owner of Olivers Woodturning online store. He used to do regular live YouTube events, but these have now stopped and there have been only a few recent videos. Many of the videos are quite long as they were originally live streams with lots of chat. Some useful demos of products available to buy online.

Ashley Harwood: If you you think woodturning is only for blokes, then you need to to watch Ashley’s videos. Ashley is well known for exceptionally large turnings which she executes to a high standard. Unfortunately, she doesn’t do many videos.