Review: Wolfgang Schulze-Zachau – Sunday 17th September, 2023

We enjoyed a full day’s demonstration with Wolfgang Schulze-Zachau who presented two pieces: a bowl with a coloured rim and a Chinese style square-edged box. Note: In the photos you will observe that Wolfgang wore no personal protection equipment (PPE) during the demonstration. You are strongly recommended to wear PPE appropriate to the work you […]

Review: Steve Heeley Demo – Sunday 21st May 2023

Steve demonstrated two projects: a coloured and textured candlestick and a pestle and mortar. Note: You will observe in the photographs that Steve wore reasonably tight fitting wristbands. It is generally recommended that all jewellery is removed whilst turning. Coloured and Textured Candlestick Steve started with the base of the candlestick using a 1″x6″ oak […]

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