Club Equipment

The Club has the following main items of woodturning equipment, available by prior agreement, for demonstrators.


The club has two lathes: Axminster AP350WL & AW1416VS with extension bed.

Axminster AW1416VS

Both lathes have the following specifications:

  • Variable speed control
  • Spindle Thread M33 x 3.5mm
  • Headstock & Tailstock MT2 taper (short)
  • Swing Over Bed 350mm
  • Distance between Centres 1000mm
  • Indexing Holes 24
  • Toolpost Diameter 25.4mm
  • Patriot Chuck with standard, gripper, pin and Cole jaws

Other Equipment

  • Chucks: In addition to the Sorby Patriot chuck, other chucks/jaws loaned by club members are available for use by demonstrating turners – please ask if you need any particular types or jaw sizes.
  • Dust extractor: The club also has a Camvac dust extractor.
  • Robert Sorby Pro Edge sharpening system which are available for use by visiting demonstrators.
Sorby Pro Edge 2

All the club’s equipment, plus two complete sets of woodturning tools and the specialist tools from the club library are available for use by members and visitors during our “Hands On” sessions.