Club Library

Club Library

The Club has an extensive library of instructional DVDs, books and specialist woodturning tools available for loan to club members. The library is available at every meeting, and most loans are for a period between successive meetings.


Nick Agar – Decorating Elf
Nick Arnull – Platter Magic
Eli Avisera – A Masters Course In Woodturning
AWGB – Let’s Teach Turning v1.0
Mark Baker – Wood Turning A Craftsman’s guide
John Berkeley  – Screwples
John Berkeley – Screwples No 6
John Berkeley – Screwples No 8
John Berkeley – Screwples No 9
Bob Chapman – Bowls Are Not Boring
Jimmy Clewes – Turn It On Volume 2
Jimmy Clewes – Turn It On Volume 3
Jimmy Clewes – Turn It Up Volume 2
Cindy Drozda – Elegant Finials
Cindy Drozda – Fabulous Finial Box
Cindy Drozda – Finial Star
David Ellsworth – The Ellsworth Signature Gouge
Mick Hanbury – Making & Decorating Boxes
Mick Hanbury – Professional Turning for All #4 – Making and decorating Hollow Forms
Mick Hanbury – Professional Turning for All #2 –
Sue Harker – A Bowl In Bowl A Perfect Partnership Number 3
Sue Harker – All Glued Up
Alan Holtham – Woodturning  Techniques
Alan Holtham – Woodturning  Techniques
Simon Hope – Hope For Us All volume 1
Simon Hope – Hope For Us All volume 2
John Jordan – Bowl Turning
John Jordan – Hollow Turning 
Glen Lucas – Mastering Woodturning Sharpening Techniques
Michael O’Donnell – Turning Green Wood Tool Sharpening
Michael Painter – Getting Started in Woodcarving
Richard Raffan – The New Turning Wood
Richard Raffan – Turning Bowls
Richard Raffan – Turning Boxes
Richard Raffan – Turning Projects
Richard Raffan – Turning Projects 2
Gary Rance – Pendant Jig (1)
Gary Rance – Pendant Jig (2)
Gary Rance – Woodturning Techniques
Keith Rowley – Woodturning A Foundation Course
Mark Sanger – The Inside Story
Mark Sanger – What a Relief
Designer Software – Creative Woodturner
Chris Stott – Basic Off Centre Turning
Chris Stott – Cutting & Sharpening for Woodturners
Chris Stott – First steps in Woodturning
Chris Stott – Turning Boxes
Les Thorne – No Turning Back
Les Thorne – The Box Chronicles


Nick Agar & David Springett – Woodturning Evolution
Nick Arnull – Contemporary Woodturning Techniques & Projects
Mark Baker – Turned Toys
Mark Baker – Weekend Woodturning Projects
Mark Baker – Wood for Woodturners (review)
Mark Baker – Woodturning A Craftsman’s Guide
Mark Baker – Woodturning Projects A Workshop Guide To Shapes
John Berkeley – All Screwed up ! Puzzles & Boxes With Chased Threads
Hilary Bowen – Woodturning Jewellery
Robert Chapman – Woodturning A Fresh Approach
Mike Darlow – Fundamentals Of Woodturning
Mike Darlow – Woodturning Methods
Mike Darlow – Woodturning Design
Mike Darlow – Woodturning Techniques
Stuart E Dyas – Classic Forms
David Ellsworth – Ellsworth On Woodturning
Doc Green – Fixtures & Chucks for Woodturning
Norma Gregory  – Pyrography Designs
Barry Gross – The Pen Turners Workbook
Walter Hall – Pen & Pencil Projects A Guide for Woodturners
Ron Hampton – Small & Miniature Turning a Complete Guide
Derek Hayes – Woodturning Design, Turning Inspiration into Form
Alan Holtham – Woodturning Spindle Projects
John Jacob Holtzapffel – The principles & practice of ornamental or complex Turning
John Hunnex – Illustrated Woodturning Techniques
John Hunnex – Woodturning A Source Book of Shapes
John Hunnex – Woodturning Forms & Materials
Phil Irons – The Wood Turning Bible
Andrew Jones & Clive George – Stickmaking a Complete Course
Dennis Keeling – Segmented Turning, A Practical Guide
Bonnie Klein – Small Woodturning Projects
Terry Martyn & Kevin Wallace – New Masters of Woodturning
Bob Neil – Step By Step Pyrography
Dale Nish & Susan Hendrix – Woodturning Christmas Ornaments
Michael O’Donnell – Turning Green Wood  (review)
Michael O’Donnell – Woodturning Techniques
Terry Porter – Wood Identification & Use (review)
Chris Pye – Carving on Turning
Chris Pye – Wood Carving Projects & Techniques
Richard Raffan – The Art Of Turned Bowls (review)
Richard Raffan – Turning Boxes with Richard Raffan
Richard Raffan – Turning Wood With Richard Raffan
Chris Reid – Turning Vintage Toys
Cynthia Rodgers – Woodcarving Made Easy
Keith Rowley – Woodturning A Foundation Course
Jan Sanders – Colouring Techniques for Woodturners
David Springett – Woodturning Wizardry (review)
Chris Stott – Turned Boxes 50 Designs
Various – Beginning Woodcarving Projects Techniques Tools

Specialist Tools

Hamlet – Big Brother Hollower
Henry Taylor – Decorating Elf
Henry Taylor – Shear Scraper
Robert Sorby – 310H Spiralling & Texturing Tool
Robert Sorby – 6mm & 10mm beading tools
Robert Sorby – Easy Beaders
Robert Sorby – Hollowmaster
Robert Sorby – Micro spiralling Tool
Robert Sorby – Thread Chasing Kit
Robert Sorby – Turnmaster
Robert Sorby – Multi-top Hollowing/Scraping Tool
Rolly Munro – Hollowing Tool
Simon Hope – Carbide Hollowing Tool

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