Some Notes on Piercing

Author: John Morgan

Choice of Wood
  • It must be well seasoned
  • A close grained hardwood is essential
  • A high-speed multi-tool such as one by Dremel, Proxxon or Axminster
  • Side cutting drill bits (available from Axminster
  • The area to be pierced should be about 2mm thick
  • Draw your pattern on the wood
  • You will not be able to stick exactly to your pattern
  • If you can, do the piercing before fully hollowing out your bowl, platter or vase; it provides extra stability
  • A spindle lock is essential; either a built in lock or a rod locking the index holes in the chuck
  • Keep the design simple and random
  • Don’t overdo the amount; it will lose its impact
  • The drill bit needs to be moved up and down as it is cutting
  • Don’t use force

You will find that the drill bit cuts quicker between the grain lines but takes more control and time to cut across darker grain lines.